War Heads Sour Medicated Chewy Cubes 500MG


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Medicated Warheads Cubes are here!!

Try out the Medicated Warheads Cubes! Super sour, super sweet, super chewy and super tasty! Give your taste buds than your mind and body a wild ride! If you never had warheads cubes before you should see what all the rage is about. Each bag comes with a heavy dose of 500 mg of THC and will help you get medicated and lifted. Lastly, Warheads Cubes are available in 2 flavors with more coming.

Suggested dosage for these Medicated Gummies :

We suggest starting off with 2 cubes per session and see how the potency affects you. Try more or less the next session based on how you felt after the first session. Activation time for Medicated Warheads Cubes are usually anywhere 30 mins to 1 hour so wait some time before eating more.

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