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Mendo Cookies, also known as “Mendocino Cookies” and “Mendo Chocolate Cookies,” is a potent indica-dominant hybrid strain bred by crossing Mendo Purps with GSC (AKA Girl Scout Cookies). The effects of Mendo Cookies are more calming than energizing. Consumers who smoke Mendo Cookies say it provides a creative and giggly high. The effects of this strain come on quickly and may make you feel aroused. While the exact THC content of Mendo Cookies is unknown, this strain is usually quite potent and is best reserved for experienced cannabis consumers. The dominant terpene in Mendo Cookies is unknown. The flavor profile of this strain is cheesy, sweet, and minty. The aroma is similar. According to growers, Mendo Cookies has an average flowering time of 60 days and offers an average yield. This strain was originally bred by Oregon Microgrowers Guild.

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