Dr. Zodiak’s Moonrock Clear Cartridge – Frosty’s Snowcone


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Dr Zodiaks Moonrocks Clear Frosty Snow Cone is a high-end THC distillate that tests approximately 90%. The 1 gram cartridge is manufactured with a multi-step method of cannabis purification, infused with all-natural terpenes.

What to expect: Relaxed, Euphoria, Happy

Notable Facts: Dr Zodiaks Moonrocks Clear Frosty Snow Cone is made with smokers of all levels in mind. Moonrocks’ potency will get a seasoned smoker to the moon while easing in marijuana novices with unique flavor profiles derived from a mouthwatering mix of top shelf flowers, clear distillate, kief, and great-tasting all natural terpenes.

Recommended use: Nighttime

Known to help with: Anxiety, Nausea, Depression

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